QuanticEdge - A Website and Solutions Development company in UK, India.

Website Design

A website is a very important source of contact for any potential customer as it is the first presence of any digital footprint. To appeal to the customer during this first interaction is very crucial. To deliver the perfect first impression, QuanticEdge provides you with the most aesthetically pleasing as well as functional design that makes for a pleasant experience for the visitors.

Our team consists of talented designers with a rich experience of working on websites from working across various industrial domains. We carry out thorough research of the market that the organization deals with, prepare prototypes and then deploy our designs. At QuanticEdge, we place utmost importance on the aesthetics of the website, and deliver in accordance with the requirements of the client and the highest of industry standards!

QuanticEdge - A Website and Solutions Development company in UK, India.

Website Development

Once the designing aspect is taken care of, we go forward with the development of a website. To provide our customers with utmost satisfaction, we ensure that we use the most advanced technology stack. Depending upon the client’s requirements, we develop websites that are quicker to load, yet much more functional! We have a singular focus on delivering a rich consumer experience.

If you are about to embark upon building a digital presence, Quantic Edge will take care of all the requirements from the first day right through deployment. Contact us today for highly functional, and visually appealing websites built on robust technological frameworks!

QuanticEdge - A Website and Solutions Development company in UK, India.

PHP Development

PHP is an open source language widely used to develop multi-functional websites. We, at Quantic Edge, have acquired expertise in developing end-to-end applications using this language. Our team delivers tailor made PHP solutions in accordance with the customer’s needs and those of the industry, along with adhering to industry standards.

We deploy our expertise in agile methodologies to combine it with the immense power of PHP, paired with databases in order to build high-end applications suited for enterprises.With an experience of over 6 years in this industry, we at QuanticEdge cater to a variety of applications built using this technology. Some of them are listed below:

  • E-commerce solutions: We use our expertise in PHP and its frameworks to deliver complex eCommerce projects.
  • Social Networking and Collaboration applications: We help developing online communities to stay in touch or outreach of timely communication using PHP.
  • Content management system or back-end system for data management: QuanticEdge excels at working with organizations that seek to develop their own Content Management Systems or data management systems.
  • Enterprise Business Application: Experts at QuanticEdge are well equipped to deliver customized applications that deal with automation for sales, Customer Relationship Management suites, and many other such applications that simplify business problems and logic.
  • Custom PHP Programming: Lastly, we also deliver any customized requirements that aid the clients towards a smarter organization.

If you have an idea for an application or a website, contact QuanticEdge today for the best consultancy!

QuanticEdge - A Website and Solutions Development company in UK, India.

Mobile App Development

In 2019, the number of Android users alone is expected to cross a whopping 5 billion. With nearly everyone owning a smartphone in today’s day and age, it becomes a very effective medium to not only establish your brand presence, but to even carry out business and generate sales. At QuanticEdge, we help you develop high-end mobile applications that serve multiple purposes.

From zeroing down on a development strategy to designing a functional mobile application, and testing as well as successful deployment, we take care of it all! Our mobile applications are in adherence with the industry standards and procedures.

At QuanticEdge, we offer our customers customized and white-labelled application development services. Android and iOS, owing to their omnipresence, can lead to the next level of brand awareness. Our in house experts collaborate with you, understand the domain you operate in and your specific requirements to deliver a tailored solution that provides you a very strong competitive advantage.

Be it an Android application or an iOS one, our experts are equipped with adequate knowhow of both these platforms. If you have an idea for an application that boosts your business, get in touch with QuanticEdge today, and translate it into a reality.